Getting closer to the end - Business Plan submitted to Stoke-on-Trent City Council

The future of Tunstall Pool is getting closer and closer, with two possible outcomes:
The worst possible outcome is that Tunstall Pool remains closed and another vital part of Tunstall becomes redundant. Or the outcome that so many people are depending on, that Stoke-on Trent City Council see the merit of the recently submitted Tunstall Community and back its proposals.
The Business Plan, which proposes that rather than Stoke-on-Trent City Council run the pool, a community group will form a board to oversee qualified staff running Tunstall Pool as a non-profit making community facility.

Key members of the group have been working around the clock to deliver a considered and concise business plan which should see the pool re-opened as a community pool, run by the people for the people. The business plan was then submitted to the business community, including leisure industry leader Mo Chaudry for comment in order to help refine its content prior to issuing to the Council Officers.

Stoke on Trent City Council have now read the business plan, they have complimented its content stating “this business plan is one of the more comprehensive plans the Sports and Leisure Team have received to date.”

However the Council have raised some concerns over some aspects of the business plan, and have entered a dialogue with the group to now discuss and iron out some of the finer points of the plan prior to issuing the final business plan to the Council Directors for approval.

One of the Councils main worries is the amount of working capital that the group currently has. Major grant funding can’t be applied for until the group has obtained a minimum lease term of 20 years. To countermand this we are hoping to raise £70,000 from the community of Stoke-on-Trent’s business leaders and public through donations and through fund raising events.

The Tunstall Community Pool Group would now like to hear from the public their thoughts about the pool and would ask them to answer a simple and confidential questionnaire at the bottom of the page.