Tunstall Community Pool Prices

After the last public meeting we had some people questioning the pricing policy.

To clarify there are three options available;

Full membership at £35 per month, this gives the user full access to the pool facilities whenever it is open for general swimming, we believe this is a good deal for those swimming more than twice a week.

Discounted membership at £60 per year, this gives the user a discounted entry fee of £3.75 per session for adults or £2.50 for concessions.

Pay per Swim, this is charged at £4.50 per session for adults or £3.25 for concessions.

We believe that the full membership will be less than 10% of attendances, discounted membership will be for approximately 60% of attendances and the remaining will be pay per swim.

We realise that the prices for pay per swim are higher than the council prices were before the pool closed. However, users must understand that the reason the pool closed was due to the facility costing the council more than £80,000 per year in subsidies. The new Community Pool will be a not-for-profit organisation, this does mean that the facility will have to pay it's way and cannot make a loss.

As a bonus any individual who has a paid membership, that being either full or discounted is eligible to attend the annual general meeting and have a vote in how the pool is run.

I hope this helps anyone who was not sure about the payment schemes.

Richard Hawthorne
Tunstall Community Pool Group