An update - 14/08/2011

An update of the groups progress to date;

We have submitted a business plan for the council officials to review and give comment, they have done this and we have amended the plan in accordance with their comments.

We were about to submit the final business plan to the council two weeks ago when they submitted new numbers for the attendance for the facility in 2010 / 2011, these were different to those for which the business plan had been written for, we have therefore needed to meet up with the officials in order to clarify the situation with the attendance for the facility.

We are due to meet up with the council on Friday of this week in order to clarify the numbers and where they have come from. After this process we believe that we require a further three weeks to rewrite sections of the business plan, we will then be in a position to submit the business plan for council approval.

Anyone who has any ideas they feel may help the group please contact us on

Richard Hawthorne
Tunstall Community Pool Group